Drugs (mis)treatment 2

A postscript to my post of 18th October about the BBC’s story on drug treatment.

A mate who works in the drug treatment world went down to visit the Plymouth Drug Action Team today. They were the people who were fingered in particular for supposedly giving “rewards” to drug users, and were featured in all the news bulletins.

He sent me this email.

“Plymouth was very interesting. Apparently the BBC spent a lot of time talking to users there and then didn’t show any of it because the users resolutely refused to say what they were supposed to say (or rather they showed it, in the sense that they used visuals, so the viewers could register what a drug addict looks like, but not sound – just a disapproving voice-over.) The interviewers kept asking what rewards they got for presenting clean urine samples and the users kept saying things like ‘staying clean’, ‘making progress’, ‘feeling better’. Poor fools, no sense at all of what makes a good story…”


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