The Top Five…Coup D’Etat-ers

December 3, 2007

By far and away the funniest story of last week was the failed coup d’etat in the Phillippines.

So, you’re in court, standing trial for plotting to overthrow the government. Things aren’t going well. What do you do?

The only sane response is to storm out of the courtroom, barricade yourself in the plush hotel down the road, and demand that the government stand down.

(First time round, the group, led by Senator Antonio Trillanes, occupied a luxury apartment complex. Like those other great slapstick artists, the US government, they clearly like to conduct their farces in style).


I was going to compile a list of the top five worst ever coup attempts to honour these jokers – any opportunity to relive (Sir!) Mark Thatcher’s moment of madness in Equatorial Guinea.

But I felt that wasn’t really appropriate. They needed something better than that.

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